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11 Things You Never Knew You Could Do With a Wedding Website!

By → Saturday, 8 April 2017

We've put together our list of 11 unique things you never thought you could do with a wedding website:

1. Have your guest's photos appear automatically on your wedding website gallery

As your guests take photos on their smartphone, they simply tag it with your chosen Instagram tag, for example #jenniferandcraig2017. These photos then appear instantly on your wedding website within a beautiful gallery for everyone to view - clever isn't it! See an example of this here:

2. Collect donations

Perhaps you have enough 'things' in your life and you would be happy for your guests to just make a contribution to your life dream - be it building your eco-house on a small island. Or perhaps you'd like your guests to donate to a charity. Perhaps you'd perfer no cash wedding gifts and want to offer your guests a safer option to transact any cash gifts. 

3. Find out which meals your guests prefer

An RSVP is not just about who's going and who's not. With an RSVP form on your wedding website, you can collect all sorts of information - from asking your guest if they like beef or salmon for the main meal; or pudding or ice cream for the dessert!

4. Take song requests

Rather than leaving the dance songs to the decision of your DJ. Take requests from your guests for songs they'd like to hear at your wedding via your RSVP form!

5. Include maps

Make sure your guests don't get lost on the way to the chuch by adding maps to your wedding site. 

6. Show your Wedding Party

Some guests don't know who is chief bridesmaid or who is best man. With a wedding website you can show your entire wedding party to your guests in advance.

7. Inform your guests of activities in the area

Guests love to know what is happening in the area so that they can make a holiday of your wedding weekend. Inform them in your 'Things to Do' section of all the local attractions.

6. Show photos of your venue

Show your guests what awaits them in your beautiful selected venue by including pictures of your reception and ceremony location. Doing this helps your guests build a picture of your big day in advance.

8. Add your story

Some guests may have no idea of how you and your fiancee's first met. You can dedicate a section to how you met and how the whole love story evolved right up to your engagement!

Create Your Wedding Website

9. Add a gift registry

If you chose to have one, your wedding website is the perfect place to list your gift registry. You can also link to your gift registry provider i.e. Amazon, Meadows & Byrne etc.

10. Inform about the next day

Your Wedding Website doesn't just have to be about the big day itself. Include what the plans are for the next day, whether it is a BBQ on the beach, or a chill out in the hotel gardens!

11. Find out how long your guests plan to stay

It can be nice to know your guests schedule. You may find out that a lot of guests plan to stay 2 or more days and want to schedule a meet up with them after your wedding. Your RSVP form is perfect for asking this question!

Add your personal touch to your own unique wedding website - click below to create yours today:

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How To Receive Your Guest's Wedding RSVPs Online

By → Thursday, 9 March 2017

As all our happy couples who have a wedding website with OurBigDayInfo know, we pride our wedding sites on how simple our RSVP tool is to use.

When your OurBigDayInfo Wedding Site goes live, we include an RSVP form 'ready-to-go' on your wedding site. What does 'ready-to-go' mean exactly? It means you don't have to spend time setting up your RSVP - we know you have plenty of other tasks to do! You RSVP form is instantly ready for your guests to use as soon as your site goes live. All you have to do is sit back and watch those RSVPs hit your inbox!

Fully customizable RSVP 

You can also add and remove options on the RSVP form and customise however you like! You can ask your guests anything you wish to know to help your wedding day run smoothly. Our Team at OurBigDayInfo works closely with all couples to ensure that their RSVP form gathers the info they wish to know!

 Create Your RSVP Wedding Site

RSVP Email Alerts

When you set up your wedding website you will be asked to enter the email to which you want to receive your guest's RSVPs to - and that's it! Your guest fills in the RSVP form on your website and an email immediately pops into your email straight-away. Doesn't get any more convenient than that - does it?

And you don't have to wait on the postman!

Create your wedding website and start receiving your guest's RSVPs today:

6 Reasons Why You Need A Wedding Website For Your Big Day

By → Wednesday, 8 March 2017

1. Let your wedding website do the talking

When you don't have your info on a wedding website, you are very likely going to receive quite a few phone calls and emails from guests, who want to know everything from where to stay to how to get there. The last thing any bride-or-groom-to-be needs leading up to the big day is the phone constantly ringing with your wedding guest's questions - especially when there is a wedding to organise! Once you put your wedding info up on your wedding website, it is there 24/7 to answer all your guests questions, leaving you to get on with the more important task of planning your wedding.

2. Relax ... no one will get lost!

Given that guests will travel to your big day, the chances are quite high that at least someone will get lost. With a wedding website, travelling becomes so much easier for guests. Whether you are having a local wedding, or leaving the country, having a wedding website will allow you to communicate helpful travel information to guests. You can include map links for how to get there, and even link directly to hotel and bed and breakfast accommodation, making it so easy for your guests to plan their travel. What's more, with a wedding website from OurBigDayInfo all our websites are mobile friendly meaning that you guest's can check on directions to your ceremony location en route to your wedding! It really is all about providing convenience to your wedding guests from the beginning!

3. Sit back and watch those RSVPs hit your inbox!

With the ability to receive guest RSVPs responses through your wedding website, you'll never need to worry about printed RSVPs getting lost by the postman!  Receiving your guest's RSVP directly to your inbox is convenient not only for you, but for also for your guests. Online RSVPing is also very eco-friendly as less paper and stamps are used for posting back RSVPs. So you will be doing your bit for mother earth!

4. No panic when times change

Change of time for your ceremony or reception? No need to worry. With a wedding website you can change your info should any dates, times or venues or other details change. Updates with OurBigDayInfo Wedding Websites are FREE and unlimited so you can make changes right up the the day itself!

5. Happy budgeting!

Having a wedding website is very cost-effective for your wedding budget. One centralised place for information (your wedding site) means less phone calls to guest's meaning more money in your pocket. With guests able to keep up to date with all your wedding info on your wedding site - you to relax planning your wedding budget!

Create your wedding website:

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How Having A Wedding Website Can Save You Money On Your Mobile Phone Bill!

By → Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Before wedding websites became part of the wedding 'must haves', not many brides or grooms-to-bes ever stopped for a moment to think about the financial cost of communicating to family, friends and guests. 

That phone call to your Uncle James didn't really hurt your phone bill. Or dropping off that 'Things To Do In The Area' flyer to your cousin Jane didn't really hurt the petrol tank too much either. Or calling Aunt Margaret to let her know the best places to stay in the area never really put you out. Or did it? Well it did. The task seemed so small in the moment that it wasn't really a problem. But add up 20 phone calls and several car trips to communicate such information, and the reality of the cost really sinks in.

Let Your Wedding Site To The Communicating

Thankfully, those days are over. For those couples who have a wedding website, they don't need to make all these sort of phone calls or car trips to communicate such info. Wedding details are online 24/7 for all your guests to read. So Jane doesn't need the flyer of things to do in the area, she can read this on your wedding website. Aunt Margaret doesn't need you to tell her where to stay. She can see a list of B&Bs, hotels and more in your 'Accommodation' section. All this convenience in having a wedding website is not just a money saving exercise, but is also an excellent way of saving on your time - so that you can get on with the more important tasks of wedding planning.

So with that bit more credit in your phone, you can make more important calls - such as the travel agent!

Create your wedding website:

Why RSVP Reports Are A Must Have For Your Wedding

By → Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Imagine knowing exactly who is and who isn't attending your wedding at any moment. With our RSVP Reports, you will know exactly who is (and who isn't) attending your big day. With the RSVP Report, you can search for your guests by name to see if they are attending, what their meal preferences are and lots more!

Each time one of your wedding guests sends their RSVP via your OurBigDayInfo Wedding Site, this is added to the RSVP Report. If you, like most couples, have lots attending your wedding, RSVP Reports are a real must have when working out numbers for your big day.

Can't remember if Sarah and Joe said they were attending? Simple search 'Sarah' in your RSVP Report and you will instantly see 'Yes' or 'No' beside the 'Attending' column.

RSVP Reports make organising your wedding a breeze. Any other information you gathered from your OurBigDayInfo RSVP is also stored in your RSVP Report. So you may want to quickly check food orders for the big meal so you can inform the hotel venue. Or see who wants the vegetarian option.

RSVP Reports are exclusive to OurBigDayInfo users. You can set to receive RSVP Reports weekly or monthly. RSVP Reports are in CSV or PDF format and are emailed to you by the OurBigDayInfo Team.

To create your wedding website - Click here!

Bring on the gifts - connect your gift registry to your wedding website

By → Saturday, 16 April 2016

OurBigDayInfo Wedding Websites is delighted to announce our wedding websites now support your personal gift registry.

A wedding registry is a service provided by an online website which assists couples in the communication of gift preferences to their wedding guests. Some of the more popular wedding registry's online include Zola, ZankYou and even Amazon

You can now connect your guest's to your chosen online registry when they visit your OurBigDayInfo Wedding Site. And the good news is it is so simple to do!

Simply go to the 'Update Your Site' page on and paste in your registry website address - and that's it! A gift registry section will then be added to your wedding site.

Bring on the gifts!

To create your wedding website today - Click here!

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Fun Things You Can Plan For The Day After Your Big Day!

By → Thursday, 18 February 2016

With so much focus on the big day itself, less thought can be given to the day after. At OurBigDayInfo we have put together our shortlist on some options for your day after.


If you are having a summer wedding, BBQs make a great day after event. With a BBQ you have two realistic options in terms of hosting it. You can go the DIY route, or the venue route (more recommended). Getting your venue to host the BBQ takes the stress of organising it directly off you. DIY BBQs can involve a lot of hidden unknowns and are best avoided if possible.

Late evening meal:

Depending on numbers, these can be a real winner. Having a late evening meal gives the chance for your guests to recover from the celebrations of the day before. This can be an informal gathering and no prior planning is required. Most hotels and venues should be able to accommodate such a meal at short notice.

 Create Your Wedding Website


If your venue of choice is relatively close to parks or forest areas, you could consider the concept of having a next day picnic. This type of event is well suited if you have a lot of out of town guests at your wedding. Your venue may also help in the preparation of picnic baskets.

Communicating the 'Day After' to your guests:

The best way to communicate such info to your guests is via your wedding website. Click here to create yours.

OurBigDayInfo Wedding Website couple 'Kathryn & Noel''
explain to their guests the details for their day after event

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