How to Inform Your Guests About Your Wedding Website

By Ourbigdayinfo.com Saturday 31 January 2015

One of the questions we regularly get from our couples-to-be, is how to inform their guests of their wedding website.

It really depends. If you are using paper invitations to invite your guests, the website address should ideally be included on your invite, usually after the formal invitation text ends. There are various options for how to word it on your invite. Here are some examples below.

Printed Wedding Invitation Wording Examples

1. Plain and simple:

Check out our wedding website:


2. A bit more:

Full details of our wedding can be found at:


3. Inform the guest of how visiting your website can benefit them:

RSVP to this invite on our wedding website:


4. Inform the guest of all the your website's features:

View accommodation, directions, RSVP online and more at:

 Create Your Wedding Website

Email Wedding Invitation Wording Examples

For those couples who don't intend to use printed wedding invitations to invite guests, nothing works better than an email. There are of course a few things to keep in mind when using email. Here are a few tips:

Make sure the subject line clearly states that your email is an invitation to your wedding

Here is a few good examples of email subjects lines which work well:

"An invitation to our wedding"

or perhaps less formal:

"You're invited!"

Here is a bad example of a subject line:

"Visit our wedding website"

The above example is poor, as it doesn't explicitly inform the guest that they are invited to your wedding.

As for the body of the email itself. Here is an example of how to word your email invitation:

You are cordially invited to celebrate our marriage with us in Ardmore, Co. Waterford on August 3rd, 2015.

You can RSVP to this invite online and read our full wedding details here:


Warmest regards,
Jennifer & Craig

Keep it short

The key to the above example is not giving your guest a huge story about your wedding details in an email. Don't get into a lot of detail. In the above example, the wedding guest is formally invited, the location and date are communicated and the website address is mentioned - but that is it. The guest can then visit the wedding website to read the finer details of times and location and discover all the features of your wedding website such as RSVP, Directions, Accommodation etc.

Whichever way you opt for, whether it be including your website on a printed invitation, or just emailing your guests, keep your text short and concise.

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