Fun Things You Can Plan For The Day After Your Big Day!

By Ourbigdayinfo.com Thursday 18 February 2016

With so much focus on the big day itself, less thought can be given to the day after. At OurBigDayInfo we have put together our shortlist on some options for your day after.


If you are having a summer wedding, BBQs make a great day after event. With a BBQ you have two realistic options in terms of hosting it. You can go the DIY route, or the venue route (more recommended). Getting your venue to host the BBQ takes the stress of organising it directly off you. DIY BBQs can involve a lot of hidden unknowns and are best avoided if possible.

Late evening meal:

Depending on numbers, these can be a real winner. Having a late evening meal gives the chance for your guests to recover from the celebrations of the day before. This can be an informal gathering and no prior planning is required. Most hotels and venues should be able to accommodate such a meal at short notice.

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If your venue of choice is relatively close to parks or forest areas, you could consider the concept of having a next day picnic. This type of event is well suited if you have a lot of out of town guests at your wedding. Your venue may also help in the preparation of picnic baskets.

Communicating the 'Day After' to your guests:

The best way to communicate such info to your guests is via your wedding website. Click here to create yours.

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explain to their guests the details for their day after event

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