6 Reasons Why You Need A Wedding Website For Your Big Day

By Ourbigdayinfo.com Wednesday 8 March 2017

1. Let your wedding website do the talking

When you don't have your info on a wedding website, you are very likely going to receive quite a few phone calls and emails from guests, who want to know everything from where to stay to how to get there. The last thing any bride-or-groom-to-be needs leading up to the big day is the phone constantly ringing with your wedding guest's questions - especially when there is a wedding to organise! Once you put your wedding info up on your wedding website, it is there 24/7 to answer all your guests questions, leaving you to get on with the more important task of planning your wedding.

2. Relax ... no one will get lost!

Given that guests will travel to your big day, the chances are quite high that at least someone will get lost. With a wedding website, travelling becomes so much easier for guests. Whether you are having a local wedding, or leaving the country, having a wedding website will allow you to communicate helpful travel information to guests. You can include map links for how to get there, and even link directly to hotel and bed and breakfast accommodation, making it so easy for your guests to plan their travel. What's more, with a wedding website from OurBigDayInfo all our websites are mobile friendly meaning that you guest's can check on directions to your ceremony location en route to your wedding! It really is all about providing convenience to your wedding guests from the beginning!

3. Sit back and watch those RSVPs hit your inbox!

With the ability to receive guest RSVPs responses through your wedding website, you'll never need to worry about printed RSVPs getting lost by the postman!  Receiving your guest's RSVP directly to your inbox is convenient not only for you, but for also for your guests. Online RSVPing is also very eco-friendly as less paper and stamps are used for posting back RSVPs. So you will be doing your bit for mother earth!

4. No panic when times change

Change of time for your ceremony or reception? No need to worry. With a wedding website you can change your info should any dates, times or venues or other details change. Updates with OurBigDayInfo Wedding Websites are FREE and unlimited so you can make changes right up the the day itself!

5. Happy budgeting!

Having a wedding website is very cost-effective for your wedding budget. One centralised place for information (your wedding site) means less phone calls to guest's meaning more money in your pocket. With guests able to keep up to date with all your wedding info on your wedding site - you to relax planning your wedding budget!

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