Six Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding Flowers

By Ourbigdayinfo.com Friday 20 February 2015

One of the more expensive areas of your wedding budget is likely to be your wedding flowers. 

By the time all those pews, buttonholes and pedestals are filled with flowers, a typical couple may not see €1,000. Flowers for an average wedding typically range from €500 to €1000. However, there is good news. There are lots of tricks you can consider for bringing that flower budget right down. Here are six super tips to help you achieve just that:

Watch your date

If you have yet to decide on a date for your wedding, perhaps avoid the most costly times of year such as Christmas, New Years and Valentines weekend - when flowers notoriously get more expensive with an increase in demand.

Choose local in season flowers

Flowers grown locally are less expensive than those imported. Ask your florist which flowers are in season and also grown in the area. By not importing flowers you are likely to save hundreds.

Spread them 

Whilst one flower per pew can look terrific, don't be afraid to budget for one flower for every 2 pews. The overall effect will look the same at a distance and you will have reduced your pew flowers costs by 50%.

 Create Your Wedding Website


Make provisions for reusing your church flowers. Ask your hotel if it is okay for you to use the altar flower spread (if having a church wedding) for your top table. Other smaller flower spreads can be reused on guest tables. Reusing your flowers across multiple parts of your day will reduce costs, especially if your hotel is to impose a charge for flowers at the meal part of your wedding.

Local flower arrangers

Check your local college or institute for flower arranging courses. Get in touch with the course organiser and see if they would be interested in preparing your wedding flowers. This is likely to cost much less than a traditional flower arranger. Of course advanced notice here is recommended.

Shop around!

It sounds obvious but sometimes shopping around can easily be overlooked. With any part of your wedding the importance of shopping around can't be underestimated - especially when planning your wedding flowers. Keep track of your quotes you receive from florists. Use these to your advantage when negotiating with other florists.

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