8 Things That Can Go Wrong On Your Wedding Day (And How To Avoid It!)

By Ourbigdayinfo.com Thursday 13 February 2014

Let's face it. No one likes to hear the word 'mishap' and the word 'wedding' in the same sentence. Although frightening, unexpected mishaps can still occur on your wedding day. 

Even if you have planned every wedding task down to the last detail. However, don't be too afraid - there is some good news. With a little bit of planning, you can mishap-proof your big day. Here's our top 10 wedding day mishaps, with steps you can take to avoid them happening.

1. Colds & Flu

It can be so easily overlooked in the days and weeks leading up to your wedding day, but your health is just as important as the big day itself. The last thing any couple needs on their wedding day, is the burden of a cold or flu. With so much of energy being used organizing a wedding, it isn't surprising that our bodies are vulnerable to illness. 

Things you can do to avoid this happening:

 - Take a vitamin C supplement (daily) in the weeks leading up to your wedding. Although easier said than done try to get as much sleep as you can every night. Eat 3 regular meals daily, and ensure you get your 5 portions of fruit/vegetables. Before the day of your wedding prepare a wedding essentials kit with painkillers, antacids, Vaseline, a first aid kit, lip balm, scissors, safety pins, a mini sewing kit, hand sanitizer and any other medicines you may take. 

2. Wedding dress rips 

Its not a nice thought. After all the effort that went into getting that wedding dress, the concept of a rip is enough to give you nightmares! You wouldn't be the first to rip their dress on their wedding day, and this sort of mishap can easily occur in the presence of a large group of people.

Things you can do to avoid this happening:

Have an awareness of when your guests are in close proximity to you. It's important to take a quick look at the ground to ensure they are not standing on your dress before you walk away, as this is precisely when rips can occur. Your bridesmaids can act as a second pair of eyes for you, to ensure your dress isn't used as a floor mat!

3. Guests getting lost 

With so many guests travelling to your wedding you can count yourselves lucky if no one gets lost. People can get lost for a variety of reasons and whilst there are some reasons beyond your control you can still take some precautions to ensure that there are no empty seats at the wedding.

Things you can do to avoid this happening:

The best thing you can to ensure no one gets lost is to provide adequate directions for your guest. The best medium for doing this is with a wedding website (Create a Wedding Website). If you have a wedding website, you can add directions in the form of both text and actual map links. This leaves your wedding guest with no excuses for lack of proper directions. Lastly, guests getting lost not an obvious mishap to you or the rest of the guests as you are unlikely to spot a guest turning up late or even not showing up for your ceremony - given your own distractions on the day. It could be said, it is one of the more likable mishaps! 

4. Unexpected bills

Budgeting for a wedding can be a fine art, and by the time your big day arrives, every last cent is likely to have been accounted for. The last thing any bride and groom need is additional unforeseen costs. Unexpected bills can happen for a variety of reasons. Maybe some guests never liked champagne and you offered an alternative *drink* as an option, but no one realized that this was capped a one drink per person. Perhaps the DJ was requested to play longer than originally agreed. Should they charge by the hour you could incur an additional cost.

How to avoid this happening:

Speak with your suppliers (hotel, band, DJ etc) and clarify things before your wedding. For example, if an alternative drink is to be offered to guests who don't prefer to drink champagne, ensure that the hotel representative is clear that this alternative drink is limited to one drink per person. Otherwise guests can easily confuse this as an open (free) bar. Ask the band/DJ to confirm with you or your go-between (ideally the best man) prior to extending the length of time they are playing. Lastly, ensure that all your tipping expenses are factored into your wedding budget and don't get caught out with this on the big day itself.

5. Stains on the wedding dress 

With red wine and chocolate sweets in abundance at any wedding, the chances are greatly increased for your wedding dress to get stained. Stains stand out like a sore thumb against white, and a bad stain can an absolute nightmare. However, with a few precautions, you should be able to avoid the scenario in the first place - but also be equipped to deal with it - should it arise.

How to avoid this happening:

If you avoid red wine and instead opt to drink either champagne or white wine, you'll greatly reduce your chances of a nightmare stain. Light colored drinks like champagne, or white wine, won't be noticeable, and are much easier cleaned than red wine. If chatting to a red wine drinker, keep a distance between you and your guest. Of course any distance between you and a guests shouldn't be obvious to the guest at all. Just enough to ensure that should an accident happen that you'll avoid the splash. Carry a packet of baby wipes with you in your wedding clutch. Make sure it is a mini packet of baby wipes, as a large pack just won't fit in your clutch. Lastly, watch out for stains on other people's tables. If you do sit down at a table of another guest, briefly check that there are no potential stain causers left over after from the meal, e.g. chocolate cake!

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6. Crying babies at the ceremony

The chances are you've invested in a videographer for your big day, which begins with the recording of the ceremony itself. The end result of which, is a wedding video which you can watch back in the years to come. The last thing you want on this keepsake is the endless sound of crying babies. The ruining of your wedding video may be one thing, but disrupting the ceremony on the big day itself is really something any couple-to-be can live without. However there is hope for avoiding this potential wedding mishap.

How to avoid this happening:

The solution to crying babies at your wedding ceremony is quite simple - don't have them at it. Ask your guests not to bring their very young children to the wedding. Make this clear from the moment you invite your guests. Most guests will oblige once they know that this is your preference. Should any children slip through the net and things start to sound more like a kindergarten than an actual wedding ceremony, try to make light of the incident and laugh it off. 

7. Phones ringing during your wedding

It is safe to say that if a phone rings on your wedding day, be it at the wedding ceremony, or during the wedding speeches, that it won't be the first and certainly won't be the last time, this unfortunate wedding mishap happens. Guests are prone to so much distraction on your wedding day, and can easily overlook basic things such as turning their phones off before your event. 

How to avoid this happening:

As guests arrive at your wedding ceremony, have the groomsman (or usher) greet them and kindly ask to turn all phones to 'Silent'. Most guests will appreciate the reminder! 

8. Bad weather

You can see the wedding photographs before the big day has even started - stunning shots against a clear blue sky backdrop. We all dream of blue skies on our our big day, however unlike other areas of organizing your big day, weather is the one thing that you can't control. Location is a key factor with this wedding mishap, with some places likely to suffer more rain than others. However bad weather generally doesn't discriminate, and no location is excluded when it comes to the potential of having rain. 

How to avoid this wedding mishap (well perhaps not 'avoid' but 'cope'):

With wedding dates decided so far in advance, it's impossible to know what the weather will be like on your wedding day. Of course there are things you can do to increase your chances of good weather, from having a wedding during the warmer months, to celebrating it in a location which experiences little rain annually. However, flexibility with dates and location is sometimes not a luxury any couple-to-be has. The best way to deal with rainy weather is to embrace it. It's hard to believe but poor weather on your wedding day doesn't have to be a negative. Wet weather photography can turn out surprisingly stunning. From taking a picture of a puddle with your reflection in it, to the bridal party walking in the rain equipped with umbrellas and wellington boots, there are endless photo opportunities for when rain strikes. Talk to your photographer about what photos they may take if the weather turns out bad - and of course, don't forget to include umbrellas!

Just remember, even if you are equipped with the knowledge of how things can go wrong, minor slip ups do happen. It's vital that when they do occur, to take a deep breath, remain focused, and remember that one incident can't ruin your entire wedding day!

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