How Having A Wedding Website Can Save You Money On Your Mobile Phone Bill!

By Ourbigdayinfo.com Tuesday 7 March 2017

Before wedding websites became part of the wedding 'must haves', not many brides or grooms-to-bes ever stopped for a moment to think about the financial cost of communicating to family, friends and guests. 

That phone call to your Uncle James didn't really hurt your phone bill. Or dropping off that 'Things To Do In The Area' flyer to your cousin Jane didn't really hurt the petrol tank too much either. Or calling Aunt Margaret to let her know the best places to stay in the area never really put you out. Or did it? Well it did. The task seemed so small in the moment that it wasn't really a problem. But add up 20 phone calls and several car trips to communicate such information, and the reality of the cost really sinks in.

Let Your Wedding Site To The Communicating

Thankfully, those days are over. For those couples who have a wedding website, they don't need to make all these sort of phone calls or car trips to communicate such info. Wedding details are online 24/7 for all your guests to read. So Jane doesn't need the flyer of things to do in the area, she can read this on your wedding website. Aunt Margaret doesn't need you to tell her where to stay. She can see a list of B&Bs, hotels and more in your 'Accommodation' section. All this convenience in having a wedding website is not just a money saving exercise, but is also an excellent way of saving on your time - so that you can get on with the more important tasks of wedding planning.

So with that bit more credit in your phone, you can make more important calls - such as the travel agent!

Create your wedding website:


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