Why RSVP Reports Are A Must Have For Your Wedding

By Ourbigdayinfo.com Wednesday 22 February 2017

Imagine knowing exactly who is and who isn't attending your wedding at any moment. With our RSVP Reports, you will know exactly who is (and who isn't) attending your big day. With the RSVP Report, you can search for your guests by name to see if they are attending, what their meal preferences are and lots more!

Each time one of your wedding guests sends their RSVP via your OurBigDayInfo Wedding Site, this is added to the RSVP Report. If you, like most couples, have lots attending your wedding, RSVP Reports are a real must have when working out numbers for your big day.

Can't remember if Sarah and Joe said they were attending? Simple search 'Sarah' in your RSVP Report and you will instantly see 'Yes' or 'No' beside the 'Attending' column.

RSVP Reports make organising your wedding a breeze. Any other information you gathered from your OurBigDayInfo RSVP is also stored in your RSVP Report. So you may want to quickly check food orders for the big meal so you can inform the hotel venue. Or see who wants the vegetarian option.

RSVP Reports are exclusive to OurBigDayInfo users. You can set to receive RSVP Reports weekly or monthly. RSVP Reports are in CSV or PDF format and are emailed to you by the OurBigDayInfo Team.

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