How To Receive Your Guest's Wedding RSVPs Online

By Thursday 9 March 2017

As all our happy couples who have a wedding website with OurBigDayInfo know, we pride our wedding sites on how simple our RSVP tool is to use.

When your OurBigDayInfo Wedding Site goes live, we include an RSVP form 'ready-to-go' on your wedding site. What does 'ready-to-go' mean exactly? It means you don't have to spend time setting up your RSVP - we know you have plenty of other tasks to do! You RSVP form is instantly ready for your guests to use as soon as your site goes live. All you have to do is sit back and watch those RSVPs hit your inbox!

Fully customizable RSVP 

You can also add and remove options on the RSVP form and customise however you like! You can ask your guests anything you wish to know to help your wedding day run smoothly. Our Team at OurBigDayInfo works closely with all couples to ensure that their RSVP form gathers the info they wish to know!

 Create Your RSVP Wedding Site

RSVP Email Alerts

When you set up your wedding website you will be asked to enter the email to which you want to receive your guest's RSVPs to - and that's it! Your guest fills in the RSVP form on your website and an email immediately pops into your email straight-away. Doesn't get any more convenient than that - does it?

And you don't have to wait on the postman!

Create your wedding website and start receiving your guest's RSVPs today:

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