5 Reasons Why A Map Will Make Your Big Day A Success!

By Ourbigdayinfo.com Tuesday 8 April 2014

1. Convenient for your guests

With so many guests from so many places coming to your wedding, not everyone will be familiar with your chosen location. This is especially true for those who are flying in for your big day. Including a map on your wedding website provides convenience to your guests and helps them plan their travel. 

2. Save time!

When organizing a wedding you don't have time to call your relations and friends to let them know which street to look out for in order to get to your venue. A map on your website answers everyone's questions about directions all at the same time.

3. Because it's easy to do!

Embedding a map in your wedding website is simple! Simply place a Google Map (or Bing Map) link into the area provided when creating your wedding website, and we'll add it to your 'Directions' section on your wedding site. 

4. People understand maps

You've heard of the saying 'a picture is worth a thousand words'. Well the same can be said for a map! Guests prefer to quickly look at a map, rather than read lots of sentences on directions. Of course, we still recommend you support your maps with text, but keep the text short and to the point. 

5. View maps everywhere!

In the age of the computer screens everywhere, your guests can easily refer to your map from the convenience of their smart phone. Our websites work on all devices from tablet to smart phone to PC!

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