How to Use Your Wedding Website To Tell Guests That Children Are Not Invited!

By Ourbigdayinfo.com Tuesday 3 February 2015

Whilst the vast majority of brides and grooms-to-be will be quite comfortable with babies and kids at their wedding day, there still remains some who would prefer their wedding day celebrations kid-free. 

If this happens to be your preference, what do you do to communicate such a controversial topic to your guests? The great news is you don't have to face this task directly with your family, friends and relations. The answer lies in your wedding website. 

Your Communication Tool 

Ultimately, your wedding website is a communication tool. It communicates all aspects of your wedding, from ceremony to reception times, to other useful info such as directions on how to get there. A topic relating to kids is no different. With a wedding website you can use it to communicate to guests (in the most polite way) that you prefer if they don't bring their kids with them. You message could feature in your 'Wedding details' (see what the details section looks like here) section. You can include a line of text which simply states says that your wedding is an “adult-only” event (a subtle way of letting guests know kids are not invited!)

Adding childcare contacts to your wedding site 

Another way of communicating this topic is to put information on your wedding website with some recommendations for “Childcare” in the vicinity of the wedding venue. Provide a list of your suggested babysitting services. This covers those guests who may not take the hint that the event is 'adult only'. A secondary message like this sends a clear statement that you would prefer not to have children at your event.

 Create Your Wedding Website

As the saying goes, your wedding is probably going to be the biggest event of your life, and if guests not bringing kids to your wedding is something you feel strongly about, you have every right to see that through. If you don’t want children at your big day, you have to let guests know about it well in advance so that they can make plans. The key is in communicating this as early as possible.

If you do find out that some guests will ignore your policy and still bring their kids, get in touch with a childminder close to your event venue, and organise them to be present on the day. Whilst this isn't ideal, it will give you some comfort. 

Good luck with whichever approach you decide. And don't forget - your wedding website is your best friend for communicating any information to your guests. 

Let us know your thoughts too - as always.

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